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December 19, 2023
Season’s Greetings!
As the year winds to a close, I would like to take this time to express best wishes to all of you and your families, from all of us at the General Child and Family Services Authority (GA).

2023 was another year of new initiatives and positive change in our service system. Thank you for the strength and kindness you have shown as you continue to serve children, youth and families and help to support their networks. I am inspired by our authority and agency staff who are so committed to furthering the GA’s culture of embracing leading practices and furthering continuous learning and growth. This was a year of peer-led development and support demonstrated through our communities of practice.

As we move into 2024, I feel appreciative to be part of a system where I see so much creativity in ensuring that our children, youth, and families are safe and healthy in their communities. I see that determination at all levels in our service system. All of you should be very proud of your accomplishments this year.

As you make plans for the New Year, I hope you will invest in your own growth and health. Please take time to connect with family and friends, and to reflect on the positive dedication, commitment, and compassion you bring to work with you every day.

I wish you a wonderful holiday season.

Best Regards,
Jay Rodgers CEO, General CFS Authority