The General Authority is committed to helping parents and families receive the support they need through its child and family services agencies. Its fundamental goal is to work with families to keep children safe. The General Authority works with its agencies with the aim of strengthening family networks through guidance and support.



Through its agencies, the General Authority is dedicated to assisting children and youth achieve their full potential. One of the General Authority’s core principles is permanency for children. Children require safety and stability from childhood through to adulthood. The General Authority also promotes initiatives that provide youth and young adults, currently or previously in the care of a Manitoba child and family services agency, opportunities to achieve goals and realize success in adulthood.


COVID-19 Information: *The General Authority is working hard to keep its agencies informed during this pandemic. Please visit our COVID-19 page for more, or visit the Manitoba government’s COVID-19 page for the latest. For messages from the CEO of the General Authority, please click here .