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I’d like to wish you all a happy spring as we begin to welcome warmer weather. It has felt like a very long winter.
The pandemic has certainly been a long haul for all of us and has greatly impacted the way we do our work. For many, the pandemic has also increased feelings of stress.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with representatives from the Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)/Peer Support Team. At least one co-chair from each agency’s CISM/Peer Support Team was able to attend. This meeting reminded me of the importance of having peer support available and the great work done by these agency teams.

The CISM/Peer Support Teams are there to offer assistance for any staff person who has been affected by an experience in the workplace. This could be a specific critical incident, exposure to cumulative trauma, stress related to the pandemic or other issues like compassion fatigue. If you or someone you know has had these types of experiences, remember that your team is there to offer assistance. A team member will provide caring support in a compassionate and professional manner.

The General Authority has and will continue to do what we can to support the work of these CISM/Peer Support Teams. Many of the teams need new members, and I would like to encourage you to consider becoming a member of your agency or region’s team. Training for new members is being offered very soon. This General Authority led training is scheduled for April 25 and 26. If you are interested, please talk with your supervisor and team co-chair. I’m sure your team would welcome additional members to provide support for colleagues.

Remember, we have all been through a life-changing and intense period. Please consider contacting a team member if the CISM/Peer Support Team can be of assistance in any way.
Best regards,

Jay Rodgers
Chief Executive Officer
The General Child and Family Services Authority