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From the Winnipeg Free Press–They’ve seen some of the hardest things and walked some of the darkest paths. They know street life, gang life, the extremes of drugs and alcohol, and life on the inside of prison walls. Now, these four men are becoming the role models they never had, offering hope — that life-changing and potentially life-saving gift — to younger generations.

Four Sacred Hearts, established in 2023, is a grassroots Indigenous-led organization dedicated to healing from addictions due to intergenerational trauma from the impact of the residential school system.

Tim Barron, Glen Hondz, Terrence Morin and Jeremy Raven are sharing their stories about how they changed their lives. They’re facilitating programs that connect to culture, through traditional drumming, smudging and returning to finding the sacred in ceremony. Through community outreach, they’re involved in support groups, family reunification, counselling, and sharing lived experience.

A non-profit organization, Four Sacred Hearts works to break cycles through compassion and learning from others.

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