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From the Winnipeg Free Press–As the cost of living in Manitoba rises and the COVID-19 pandemic continues on, so do the needs of women’s centres providing resources to vulnerable people.

At the North Point Douglas Women’s Centre, the cupboards usually filled to feed people in need in the neighbourhood are literally bare, Christie Paul, who works as a team growth facilitator at the Austin Street North centre, told the Free Press.

“When food arrives here, word travels really fast in the community, so what we have goes very quickly, and truly, right now, our cupboards are absolutely empty. We have nothing,” she said Friday.

“Literally nothing — there’s few sauces or something kicking around — that’s it. As soon as resources come in, they flow out to the community, so it’s really needed right now.”

It’s a place many non-profit organizations find themselves in after the holidays, Paul said, noting January and February are often the hardest times of the year to secure food donations.

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