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Manitoba Government Press Release–The Manitoba government has prepared a number of informational materials for students, parents and teachers as they prepare for a safe and informed return to the classroom, Education Minister Kelvin Goertzen announced today.

“We have developed a Restoring Safe Schools information package to help address the most frequently asked questions and areas of concerns, and grouped the answers for easy access,” said Goertzen. “We commend teachers and staff who are returning to schools this week to make schools and classrooms as COVID-19 safe as possible for students returning on Sept. 8.”

The province has prepared information with a focus on the fundamentals of learning and working around COVID-19 including:
• Parent Guide – providing what parents and guardians can expect when school resumes;
• Mask Use Guide – providing information on the use of masks in school and on buses, when you put them on, what happens when they are soiled and other tips;
• Easy Reference for Parents to the Pandemic Response Notification System – providing parents with a simple understanding of how changes in their school’s COVID response level will effect their day-to-day school routines;
• COVID-19 Screening Questions – a tool for parents and schools to screen for signs and symptoms; and
• COVID-19 in Schools and Early Learning and Child Care Centres – providing guidance on cases of COVID-19 in schools and child-care centres.

The materials will be online at www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/covid/index.html and printed versions will be available for distribution where appropriate. Information will be updated as required throughout the school year.