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Manitoba Government Press Release–As part of its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Manitoba government has renewed a number of orders under the Emergency Measures Act to help individuals, business and government cope with challenges presented by the pandemic and to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The orders being renewed until March/April 2021 include:
• Manitoba Conservation and Climate – a regulatory change will see the extension of certifications for operators of water and waste-water facilities, ensuring there is adequate staffing for the safe operation of the facilities.
• Manitoba Education – a new order will support the use of and transition to electronic meetings with the temporary suspension of the requirement for trustees to physically attend a school board meeting at least once every three months under The Public Schools Act continues. General public health guidelines suggest limiting in-person meetings and the extended order helps reduce the requirement for travel in northern and remote communities.
• Manitoba Families – two temporary suspension orders will be combined into one order regarding Temporary Suspension of Youth in Care Provisions and the Temporary Suspension of Social Services and Child Care Provisions. As well, relief of the Foster Homes Licensing Regulation and the Child Care Facilities (Other than Foster Homes) Licensing Regulation will be provided through a regulatory change. These provisions provide better outcomes for youth exiting care during these unprecedented times and allows nursery schools to continue operating under temporary models.
• Manitoba Finance – one of the extensions will allow for the continued use of video conferencing to witness the signing of documents under subsections of The Homesteads Act and The Real Property Act. This temporary suspension of in-person commissioning and witnessing requirements provides a way for someone in isolation to sign documents safely. The temporary suspension of the requirement for in-person corporate meetings for condominium corporations, co-operatives, corporations and credit unions continues providing the option for required meetings to be held, notified of and voted on electronically until March 31, 2021.
• Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living – The Personal Care Home (PCH) Staffing and Work Deployment order will continue to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 by restricting staff from working in more than one PCH. As well, the continued temporary suspension of in-person commissioning and witnessing requirement provides a way for someone in isolation to sign documents safely related to health-care directives.
• Manitoba Justice – the extension will allow for the continued use of video conferencing to witness the signing of documents under The Manitoba Evidence Act, The Powers of Attorney Act and The Wills Act.

The temporary suspension of the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) credential provision is extended until No. 15, 2020. The extension continues to temporarily waive credential requirements for Manitoba carriers traveling to IFTA jurisdictions. Waiving this provision also helps Manitoba carriers bringing food, medical supplies and others goods into and out of the province.

Orders not being renewed include:
• Manitoba Finance – under the Residential Tenancies Branch, provisions will end related to non-urgent evictions, the suspension of hearings for non-urgent orders of possession, late fees for non-payment of rent and freezing rent increases. All of these provisions will be repealed, effective Oct. 1. The changes allow landlords to begin proceedings for evictions against tenants for non-payment of rent and other non-urgent issues. They will also be able to begin charging late fees on rent that is not paid on time on that date or later, but cannot charge fees on rent that was overdue while the suspension was in place. Rent increases cannot be applied or charged retroactively for the period that the rent freeze was in place.
• Manitoba Economic, Development and Training – the suspension of Manitoba Student Aid loans repayments will end Sept. 30. The Manitoba government will continue working to help reduce the financial burden on post secondary students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A more detailed list of orders to be extended or not renewed as they are no longer needed or relevant can be found at https://manitoba.ca/covid19/protection/soe.html.