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Support Staff Appreciation Week May 9-13

Good afternoon.

Today I am writing to let you know that next week, the General Authority will be issuing a series of newsletters that I really encourage you to read. Throughout the week, we will be recognizing the tremendous work being done by a particular group of agency staff. Whether they are called family support workers, direct service providers, in-home support workers, one-on-one support workers or drivers – these staff provide a hugely important service and have been referred to as the “unsung heroes” of our service system.

As you will read about in the newsletters, support workers have a wide variety of responsibilities and are an integral part of a staff team providing services for children and families. They supervise family visits and provide key feedback on what went well and what might be done to continue to strengthen the parent/child bond in support of a reunification plan. By modelling parenting skills, providing education on child development and helping with the functioning in the home, these staff play a critical role in keeping families together. Many work directly with children and youth in a one-on-one relationship. Read stories about how these staff build trusting relationships, become valued mentors and make an incredible positive difference in the lives of these children and youth.

Over the past two years, the job of being a support worker became much more challenging due to COVID-19. For many, this meant being creative in the ways they connected with families and using new technology to ensure they continued their vital connections and relationships.

So, watch for one newsletter every day next week. Each one will feature just a few of the countless stories about the great work being done by these staff. A different agency will be profiled in each newsletter. All of the newsletters will be posted on the GA intranet site.

I hope you will take a few moments each day next week to read these newsletters and together, we can express our appreciation for the tremendously important contribution made by these support staff (no matter what their job title might be).

Best regards,

Jay Rodgers, CEO, General Child and Family Services Authority