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Good afternoon,

In today’s Message from the CEO, I am extremely pleased to announce that we have just launched our newly redesigned General Child and Family Services Authority (GA) website.

The site, located at the same link as the former version (https://generalauthority.ca/), has a refreshed look to coincide with our new GA logo and brand colours as well as some unique features and improved page navigation. (It is public so requires no login or passwords).

The goal for this redesign was to provide a friendlier, more welcoming look and feel for members of the public who are seeking information about our authority and agencies. We also wanted to make it easier for users to find information.

I would like to bring your attention to a few areas of the website you may want to explore. Across the top of the home page and highly visible, you will find many of the key areas, including links to CEO messages, our blog, frequently asked questions and helpful links.

In the middle of the home page are six sections, which provide access to the main areas of information on the site. Our home page also features details on Active Offer and accessibility requirements. I am pleased to note that we also have a page dedicated to Indigenous laws and Indigenous Governing Bodies (IGBs), including a constantly updated IGBs list.

All of our agency offices are listed on the agency page. The site also features a designated intake agency (DIA|) map and an emergency contacts list that is accessible from every page. We have a Contact Us section, which allows users to connect with the GA via email. We have found that this page was very well-used on the previous version of our website. Members of the public can email their questions about student internships, foster care, intake matters or any other issue of interest.

A small note: While some of the pages contain new or updated information, others will continue to be updated post-launch. We also plan to translate much of the new website into French. You will note some sections are already translated, with more to come.

I invite you to take some time to look through the new GA website.

Best Regards,

Jay Rodgers, CEO, General CFS Authority