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Dear friend,
My name is Breanna, and I’m a former youth in care. I’m reaching out to you because today is National Child and Youth Mental Health Day and it’s a day that means a lot to me. As an ally of Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada, I know it must mean a lot to you too.

Did you know that young people who are exposed to abuse and neglect are almost 4x more likely to be diagnosed with a mental health disorder in adulthood than their peers? That’s why I’m glad that Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada is here to help young people feel supported and cared for so that they can work towards their own unique version of success. For me, that success looked like creating my own financial and emotional security so that I could one day start my own family.

I entered the child welfare system at the age of 14, and I struggled with relationships. Being able to access education meant everything to me; it gave me the possibility of creating a future that was nothing like my past. After receiving multiple scholarships and being offered an internship through the Foundation, I now have a successful career. Feeling unsupported and uncared for can create a ripple effect for young people from care, hampering their ability to achieve their own goals – whether that be having strong relationships with others, accessing their own creativity, or starting their own business.
For youth in care – many of whom have faced childhood trauma – mental health services have been disappointing. Black and Indigenous youth, whose trauma and alienation can be compounded when placed with foster families that don’t reflect their cultural identity, face even greater barriers. With the help of allies like you, Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada provides mental health resources that help children and youth feel truly cared for.

Your support is making a difference – in 2022-2023, the Foundation’s work resulted in 12,422 children, youth, and families reporting improved social and emotional wellbeing and 3,915 reporting improved health and wellbeing. On National Child and Youth Mental Health Day, and every day, we thank you for your support.

Breanna, former youth in care.