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Rural and Northern Child and Family Services (RNCFS) and the General Child and Family Services Authority (GA) have exciting news to share! As RNCFS prepares to become the designated intake agency for Manitoba’s Parkland region when the Manitoba Metis Federation implements their child and family services law, the GA and RNCFS have launched a major recruitment initiative aimed at filling a number of positions in the Dauphin and Swan River offices. Our campaign includes a weekly series of social media posts, email blasts and inspirational videos from the CEOs of the GA and RNCFS and RNCS staff about the many benefits of working in Parkland and being an agency mandated by the GA. We encourage all Families staff to inform their contacts about these exciting opportunities. There are various roles for BSWs or those with equivalent qualifications. These new positions will be crucial in ensuring a smooth transition to becoming the designated intake agency in Parkland. Parkland is a beautiful region of Manitoba, surrounded by natural beauty, Riding Mountain National Park as well as provincial parks, and serene lakes. Outdoor activities abound in winter and summer including skiing, snowmobiling, fishing, kayaking and biking.

The GA and RNCFS invite Families staff to share the following links widely, including with new graduates seeking adventure or with contacts you may have within, or outside of, the province. The campaign runs eight weeks, until the end of January 2024, and features a virtual information session on Jan. 17.

We invite you to explore, and share, the following pages: