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From the Winnipeg Police Service–Providing information and resources to those suffering abuse at the hands of a violent partner is what prompted the Winnipeg Police Service to launch a new page on its website.

Domestic violence touches all aspects of our community and knows no boundaries with respect to ethnicity or socioeconomic status. For anyone living through abuse, or anyone watching a loved one living through it, getting the right answers can be difficult, and many are left with the question, “what do I do now?”

The goal of our domestic violence webpage is to provide a primary access point and provide answers to that question. It offers access to support services, information about the legal aspects of domestic violence, the role of police and resources regarding the impact that domestic violence has on children.

The website is user friendly, providing hyperlinks to the websites of several important support services. Knowledge is empowerment, and you are not alone. Visit the website at: https://www.winnipeg.ca/police/units_and_divisions/domestic.stm.