Through its agencies and service regions, the General Authority offers and promotes initiatives that provide youth and young adults, currently or previously in the care of a Manitoba child and family services agency, opportunities to achieve goals and realize success in adulthood.

These include:

Access to tuition waiver programs and other financial resources for post-secondary study. For more information regarding tuition waivers, scholarships, and other resources available to support youth and young adults during and beyond their transition from CFS care, please visit the Resources page.

Agreements with Young Adults or AYAs (for young adults 18-21 years old). Agreements with Young Adults are requests by young adults for support beyond the age of majority to realize goals as part of a successful transition to adulthood. By law, the General Authority is responsible for the review and approval of AYAs and maintenance and continuations of care and maintenance for permanent wards who require support beyond the age of majority (age 18). A growing body of research suggests that maintaining agency support for youth beyond the age of majority and addressing key areas including education, housing, life skills and an ongoing support network yields better outcomes in adulthood.

The General Authority also supports Age of Majority Celebrations, offered by CFS agencies to youth in care. These celebrations are for all youth in care who turn 18 to mark this significant milestone in each young person’s life.

Voices, Manitoba’s Youth in Care Network, also provides programming and services for youth in care including peer mentoring, outreach services, leadership programs, scholarships, and opportunities to have a voice in Manitoba’s CFS system.

Gifts lined up for 18-year-olds at an Age of Majority celebration.
Gifts lined up for 18-year-olds at an Age of Majority celebration.


The General Authority supports youth and young people prior to their transition to young adulthood. Among the many supports available for achieving education and attaining goals are tuition waivers.

A number of post-secondary institutions in Manitoba provide free education for youth in care. Please see the Futures Forward Scholarship Guide 2018  for more information.


This fund was established to assist youth (16-21 years old) in the care of a General Authority agency or service region to develop their strengths, maximize their potential and pursue their career aspirations. Eligible applicants include those:

• Attending a recognized university, college, technical or vocational school
• Participating in an art/theatre/music program or spiritual activity; or playing for a sports team
• Age appropriate supervision and positive discipline
• Indicating how the award will facilitate their successful transition into adulthood and assist to maximize their potential, develop strengths and/or enhance their talent/skill to further their career goals

Agencies and service regions determine the selection process and amount to be awarded per successful applicant. Please contact your worker for more information.


This scholarship acknowledges the late Keith Cooper, former Chief Executive Officer of Winnipeg Child and Family Services and educator, and his commitment to children in agency care as well as his interest in their further education. The Keith Cooper Scholarship, available to youth and young adults currently or previously in the care of a CFS agency in Manitoba, provides financial assistance to support the pursuit of post-secondary studies. For more information regarding these, and other scholarships and awards available to students currently or previously in the care of a CFS agency in Manitoba, please see the Futures Forward Scholarship Guide 2018.


The Futures Forward program brings together a network of community partners to provide assistance to youth and young adults (ages 15 to 29) from all child and family agencies and service regions in preparing for, or continuing their transition from, the CFS system to independence and adulthood. With the goal of improving outcomes for young adults previously in care, Futures Forward provides a number of supports and services related to money management, employment and education, counselling and emotional support, mentorship, and navigating complex service systems. For more information on Futures Forward, please contact the youth service navigator at 204-982-6126 or visit their Futures Forward website.


Child and Family Services of Western Manitoba is currently running a two-year pilot project partnership with the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada and the Royal Bank of Canada that will give 100 vulnerable youth in Westman extra support in accessing the workforce.
Youth Works will help youth in and from care, aged 16 to 29, with employability supports such as skills training, career mentorships, and job placements. The program is supported by RBC Future Launch in partnership with the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada.
The Westman Youth Works program began in September 2017. To date, about 25 youth are participating. Youth can access the program on their own, or get referral through a child welfare agency or high school as well as many other community organizations. For more information, please call Tristan Norton at 204-573-3252 or toll free 1-800-483-8980 or e-mail

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