With proclamation of The Child and Family Services Authorities Act in 2003, there was a significant shift of powers from the Director of Child Welfare to each of the four new child and family services authorities. Most of the powers directly related to the operation of child and family services agencies were transferred from the Director to the four authorities. The authorities are responsible for mandating, funding and overseeing the services provided by child and family services agencies through the province of Manitoba. Within the General Authority, these services are provided by three private, not-for-profit agencies (Jewish Child and Family Service, Child and Family Services of Western Manitoba, Child and Family Services of Central Manitoba) and by the Department of Families through Winnipeg Child and Family Services and four rural and northern service regions (Interlake Region, Eastman Region, Parkland Region, Northern Region). In Churchill, General Authority child and family services are delivered through the Regional Health Authority. Following a strategic planning session in 2004, the board approved the following Vision, Mission and Principles statements:



The General Child and Family Services Authority is a non-profit organization responsible for the administration and provision of child and family services by the agencies under its jurisdiction.

The authority is governed by a board of directors responsible for the management of fiscal resources, the development of policies and the establishment and monitoring of standards.

We are committed to the protection and care of children by building on the strengths of individuals.



Children and youth who are safe, happy, thriving and growing up with their family in a healthy, caring community.



In conducting our business, the General Authority will apply and promote the following principles:

Child/Family Centred Practice

  • The best interest of the child is paramount
  • A child functions best within a supportive family and community. To the greatest extent possible, families will be supported to provide a healthy, safe environment
  • Policies and practices are strength-based, asset-focused and promote family and community-based systems of care and mutual support

Effective and Responsible Services

  • Quality services are designed to meet the needs of those we support
  • Services are evidence based, comprehensive, responsive and recognize and respect diversity
  • The delivery of quality service is best achieved through promotion and support of a well-qualified workforce
  • Public accountability and fiscal responsibility are fundamental to the work of the authority