In March 2005, the General Authority created the Directors’ Common Table (DCT) which was comprised of the senior administrator from each mandated agency/service region. In the collective interest of the General Authority service system, this committee has taken on a leadership role and together, the membership has clearly articulated a desire to work more collaboratively and in a way that is more engaging and empowering. This required that the committee approve new terms of reference and adopt a consensus decision making approach to reflect this evolving leadership role. With the new terms of reference in place, the committee became known as the Directors’ Leadership Table (DLT).

The Directors’ Leadership Table approved the following core values which together serve to articulate the collective identity, culture and service philosophy endorsed by the General Authority as a service system. These core values are an integral part of the framework that guides the development of annual operational plans for strengthening services.

The General Authority embraces a strengths-based approach as the philosophical framework that will guide its work. Consistent with this perspective, the General Authority’s Directors’ Leadership Table adopts the following as core values:

Believes in promoting hope, optimism and capacity building through a strengths focus that cultivates, appreciates and enhances the talents, skills, assets and success of the individuals and groups that are part of the General Authority service system.

Believes in inclusiveness where diverse and unique opinions are welcomed;

Where staff, youth, families and stakeholders are empowered to have a “voice”, invited to participate in the planning process and given the opportunity to influence decisions.

Believes in transparency where plans and decisions are communicated in a timely manner and in that communication, the rationale, expected results and connection to best practice principles are clearly evident.

Believes that plans and decisions should clearly reflect the best and most current available evidence derived from research, proven practice and other sources known to result in positive outcomes for children, youth and families.

Believes that outcomes for children, youth and families are more likely to be positive when staff feel engaged, valued, respected and supported in their work environment.