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From the Winnipeg Sun–Albert McLeod believes the hotel industry in Manitoba has a role to play in preventing Indigenous women and girls from being sexually exploited, and he hopes that new proposed legislation will now put more of an onus on those in the industry to speak up if they believe someone is being trafficked, and to recognize the signs of exploitation.

“Really I think it’s a wake-up call across the hotel industry and really across all industries that we have to get everyone up to speed and educated about sexual exploitation, and we need staff in all industries trained in these matters,” said McLeod, a long-time Winnipeg-based advocate for Indigenous women and girls.

“There needs to be total buy in, and there needs to be an acknowledgement of what is really happening.”

McLeod’s comments come in response to last week’s introduction of a new bill in the Manitoba Legislature that would require those working in hotels, and other temporary accommodation businesses to report any suspected human trafficking to local police.

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Markus Spiske at Pexels