Welcome to the website of the General Child and Family Services Authority.

The General Authority Board was formed after the proclamation of the Child and Family Services Authorities Act in 2003. The General Authority is responsible for ensuring the provision of child and family services through the agencies and service regions under our jurisdiction. As a board, we strive to ensure we have a broad representation of members that takes into account gender, race/ethnicity/cultural communities, along with representation from throughout the province.

As our vision states, we strongly believe in children and youth who are safe, happy, thriving and growing up with their family in a healthy, caring community.

The role of the board is to provide governance around the many issues and challenges facing child welfare and to ensure that our strategic directions always fit our vision and mission statements. To that end, our key initiatives over the last several years have focused on providing preventative and solution-focused, strengths-based approaches with families, with an emphasis on collaboration and engagement, and using a network of people who care about the children and are invested in their safety.

You will see from the many initiatives described on this website the practices we have put into place serve to strengthen family and community, helping to achieve our goals of healthy and supported children and youth. We invite you to explore the programs and initiatives included on our website in more detail.

General Authority Board of Directors:

James Lowry, Chair, Lizanne Lachance, Vice-Chair, Craig Johnson, Treasurer, Darlene MacDonald, Lorne Belmore, Gregg Hanson, Meaghen Johnston.


Jay Rodgers