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From CBC News–People across the province are wearing brightly coloured tops Wednesday to mark the 14th annual Pink Shirt Day, also known as Anti-Bullying Day — but one B.C. psychologist is asking that British Columbians consider taking their actions one step further than just sporting a showy shirt.

UBC psycholody professor Amori Mikami said the occasion is “the perfect day” for people to not only be anti-bullying but also pro-inclusion, by reaching out to those at risk of being ostracized and letting those individuals know they are welcome and belong.

“We can all think to ourselves today and in the future, you know, what’s one thing we can do to reach out to somebody else who might not be feeling included and try to take steps to include them,” Mikami said Wednesday on CBC’s The Early Edition.

“Instead of stopping bullying, we should be thinking about moving toward inclusion.”

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