Stories to Inspire

From the Winnipeg Free Press–Wayne Catcheway Jr. believed in healthy eating, so there was stew and bannock for the guests.

Catcheway believed in building relationships, so stories were shared about his efforts to reach out and connect with families that may have been struggling.

Most importantly, Catcheway believed in Indigenous youth, so it was only fitting a new space, bearing his name, was created in his honour.

On Sept. 23, Wayne’s World Youth Lounge at Turtle Island Neighbourhood Centre officially launched with a grand opening at 510 King St.

Catcheway, who died from brain cancer in 2019, worked at Turtle Island and a number of other community organizations. He was an ardent supporter of youth, mental health, recreation (notably basketball) and culture, and poured his heart and soul into his work.

“Friday’s event was a beautiful celebration of community, connection and food,” said longtime friend Michael Redhead Champagne.

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