From the Winnipeg Free Press–Critical information held by the authorities about a person’s history of violence, abuse or exploitation could be disclosed to their intimate partner under new legislation proposed by the Progressive Conservative government.

Families Minister Rochelle Squires introduced The Disclosure to Protect Against Intimate Partner Violence Act on Monday.

Bill 43 establishes a framework for the disclosure of sensitive information held by police or other public bodies regarding an intimate partner to an applicant in cases where their safety, or the safety of their children, is at risk.

“It is important that Manitoba continue to address gender-based violence. Bill 43 empowers those concerned for their safety or the safety of their children with supports, safety planning and information to take the next steps that they determine are best for their family,” Squires said during a press conference at the Manitoba legislature.

Squires described the legislation as the “new generation” of Clare’s Law, a policy or statute used in other jurisdictions to ensure women and other vulnerable people are aware of an intimate partner’s history of violence or abuse.

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