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From MAWS Press Release–On Nov. 16., the Manitoba Association of Women’s Shelters (MAWS) is launching a multi-lingual public awareness campaign to support immigrant, newcomer and refugee women and families experiencing gender-based violence (GBV). The campaign’s message is “You Are Not Alone,” and features videos in five languages – Arabic, Punjabi, Mandarin, Persian and English – along with the Manitoba 24/7 toll-free Crisis and Support Line and MAWS website information. The campaign also includes an English-language poster for public spaces and workplaces throughout the province. View the videos here.

Women of cultural and linguistic diversity often face challenges like language or cultural barriers, lack of knowledge of support services, financial constraints, and uncertain immigration status, all of which can make them uniquely vulnerable to abuse. These, in addition to the general stigma in society around gender-based and family violence, can make newcomer and refugee women less likely to know that help is available, as well as where to seek it out.

Manitoba shelters are seeing more women and families from cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds seek support and refuge from violence. Through the multilingual videos and poster, the MAWS campaign aims to connect these survivors with support programs, including the confidential Crisis and Support Line (1-877-977-0007).

The Hon. Cathy Cox, Minister responsible for Status of Women, said “All Manitobans deserve to live without fear for their safety. This multi-lingual public awareness campaign will serve to strengthen and promote the services that already exist to individuals and families impacted by domestic violence. Our government is committed to supporting newcomers or refugees who are experiencing trauma or abuse, including survivors of gender-based violence who otherwise often slip through the cracks and do not receive the services they need.”

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