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From CBC News–The Manitoba government is extending an arrangement that will allow kids in Child and Family Services care, as well as people receiving income assistance, to visit the dentist.

The province will spend $32 million over three years to extend the agreement with the Manitoba Dental Association, Families Minister Rochelle Squires announced Wednesday.

“We are wanting to ensure that all children and recipients on our EIA program have equitable access to dental care, as would any individual living in our society,” said Squires during a news conference Wednesday.

The agreement sees the province cover 90 per cent of a dentist bill for any child in the CFS system and anyone receiving employment and income assistance. The dentist covers the other 10 per cent.

Anyone who finds work or stops receiving EIA is still eligible for basic dental care for up to two years.

$10M pledged to cover COVID-related staffing costs in Manitoba’s disability, child-care, CFS sectors

“Oral health conditions are health conditions just like any other part of your body, and they can be devastating,” said Marc Mollot, past president of the Manitoba Dental Association, during Wednesday’s news conference.

“Socio-economics can, to some extent, affect outcomes and access to care. So for Manitobans to have access to care is a critical component of any health care, including oral health care.”

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