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From the Imprint–Since 2017, The Imprint (formerly The Chronicle of Social Change) has been working to build the United States’ first public resource on foster care capacity. We collect data directly from each state, and combine that with federal reports to answer two critical questions:

How many children and youth are in foster care today in the United States? And where and with whom are they living?

Join the Imprint on November 19 to learn about the findings in this year’s report. We will reveal our 2020 estimate for the number of youth in foster care, assess trends in licensed foster homes and the use of relatives and group homes, and introduce attendees to our newest metric in the Who Cares report: Family Separation.

This session will be hosted by The Imprint’s senior editor, John Kelly, with help from Melissa Carter, executive director of the Barton Child Law and Policy Center, and Andy Barclay, founder of the Barton Center.

Our state-collected data shows the number of foster youth in America has declined for a second straight year, while a lower percentage are identified as white, which in some states coincided with an increase in the share of foster youth who are Black.

• the number of children placed with relatives has gone up;
• the use of group homes has dropped;
• and the number of days American children have spent separated from family has grown.
Who Cares, which has been published since 2017, is the first public resource of its kind on foster care capacity.

Time: Nov 19, 2020 1 p.m. Pacific Time, 3 p.m. Central Time.

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