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From The Vancouver Sun–Canada’s first trauma-informed daycare is expected to be a safe space for young children who have experienced trauma.

The United Way is raising money to complete construction of Little Phoenix Daycare in Victoria, said Mark Breslauer, CEO of United Way Greater Victoria.

Once complete, the child care facility will help young children who have experienced trauma as a result of a variety of difficult situations, including family violence, sexual, psychological, physical and emotional abuse, or living in a refugee camp.

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“It’s really difficult to get an appointment with a child psychologist,” said Jane Taylor Lee, executive director of Family Services of Greater Victoria, one of the groups involved in raising money for the daycare.

She said it could take up to a year for a child to see a psychologist, “and that’s a lifetime for a little one.”

The daycare will provide “wraparound services” to address immediate needs and provide support. Staff will be equipped to assist children and families, including trauma counsellors, art therapists and other childhood experts, while the curriculum will be tailored to create a sense of safety and belonging

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