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As we continue to evolve and adapt during the COVID-19 situation, I’d like to once again express my appreciation to our front-line workers, support staff, supervisors and directors, and to our foster parents, caregivers and families. The work you do isn’t easy, and with the current situation it has become even more challenging—but you have risen to meet that challenge.

Once again, I’d like to provide an update on recent developments.

• Our Directors’ Leadership Table (DLT) continues to meet via teleconference twice a week and to collaborate on many important issues related to supporting our children and families during this pandemic.

• One of the biggest challenges is maintaining essential services such as visitation during this public health situation. The safety of our staff, children and youth and families must of course remain paramount during this time. I have been extremely impressed with the innovative thinking shown by our agency staff in finding ways for children and families to stay connected with each other.

• Over the last few weeks, the General Authority has taken a number of steps to streamline the administrative workload for our agencies. It is very important that we continue to look for ways to reduce administrative workload to provide increased flexibility for our agencies to be more nimble and able to quickly adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

• As I referred to in my last update, the province has implemented an interim policy change allowing agencies to continue to provide supports for young adults who would otherwise age out of care. As with AYA extensions, the continuation of supports for non-permanent wards turning 18 and young adults on extensions turning 21 can be approved at the agency level.

• Several new circulars were sent out over the last week and have been posted to our website circulars page.

The General Authority had its first virtual board meeting last week. The board asked that I relay their sincere appreciation for all the great work that has been done to respond to the COVID-19 situation.

I will continue to provide updates in the coming weeks.

Best Regards,

Jay Rodgers
Chief Executive Officer
General Child and Family Services Authority