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With the ever-developing COVID-19 pandemic and the many issues arising as a result, we wish to provide an update to the public and to our authority agencies and service regions.

First, the General Authority would like to offer our sincere thanks to our directors, senior managers, supervisors, workers, support staff and foster parents. The current crisis is a unique situation and our staff is handling it with incredible dedication to our children and families, despite the uncertainty.

We want to assure you that the General Authority is working very hard to assist our agencies/service regions during this period. Our Program Specialists are engaging in daily conversations with the Executive Director or Director in each General Authority agency and service region to assess their needs and provide support if necessary. We would also like to acknowledge our Directors’ Leadership Table and the way they have come together as a collective during this time.

As of yet, none of our agency/service region offices have closed. However, two family resource centres are not offering programming temporarily. Additionally, some of our agencies/service regions have taken steps to restrict public access to their offices. Please check with individual offices in your area regarding program cancellations or office closures. It is recommended to phone ahead.

We have also asked that all of our agencies/service regions educate themselves as much as possible on COVID-19.
As this pandemic is continually evolving, the General Authority is committed to communicating with all of our partners, and will provide regular updates.

We are all doing our best during this very difficult time to try and ensure the least disruption for the families we serve.

Jay Rodgers, CEO
General CFS Authority