From CBC News–A 16-year-old who died by suicide, despite many contacts with community supports and therapists, should have had access to long-term in-patient care, says a new report from Manitoba’s advocate for children and youth.

The report released Thursday details the struggles the teen, named Matthew, and his family went through to get help for his depression and generalized anxiety disorder.

Despite having numerous contacts with community services and the health-care system, Matthew did not get the long-term help he needed, advocate Daphne Penrose said during a press conference about her office’s report Thursday.

“It was clear to us and to Matthew’s family that the patchwork of mental health interventions he was offered were not well co-ordinated and did not help him recover,” she said.

“In fact, the more people Matthew saw, the more despondent he became. He eventually believed that he was not fixable.”

In her report on his story, Penrose recommends the establishment of a long-term residential facility for youth mental health treatment.

She is also calling on improved access to treatment for youth experiencing mental health crises, promoting mental health in classrooms and assigning case managers to help youth and their families navigate mental health and addictions services.

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