From the Dave Thomas Foundation–It is often the simplest moments with family that we cherish the most. The encouraging words of a parent, laughter shared with a sibling or the warmth of home are memories that provide comfort and joy throughout our lives.

Sadly, these special moments are more elusive for children waiting to be adopted from foster care.

We’ve set a goal of 100 gifts by midnight on Friday to help give the longest-waiting children a loving, permanent family.

Donate today in honor of someone you love, and we will send that person a card with your personalized message sharing how much you care.


Your gift will help teenagers, like Ellie, who entered foster care at age 16 after years of abuse, bullying and feeling like she didn’t belong. “I often wondered why I was so unlovable,” she shared. “I wanted a permanent family. But, I thought, who would ever want to adopt a 16-year-old?”

No child deserves to feel unloved or unwanted, which is why we need 100 donations by Friday. Give now

Through our Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program, the Foundation funds adoption recruiters who implement a model that is proven to be up to three times more effective at finding permanent homes for children in foster care who are often overlooked, including teenagers, children with special needs and siblings.

Fortunately, Ellie was adopted at age 19, with support from the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and donors, like you. “For the first time in my life, I have people who believe in me and love me,” she said.

But more than 125,000 children in the United States are still waiting for their forever family.

Donate today in honor of someone special in your life and become one of the 100 supporters we need to drive this important work forward. We are better together.

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