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On Nov. 1, the Kids in Kare Picnic Committee received a 2018-19 Staff Achievement award at the Manitoba Legislature from the Department of Families in the Excellence in Service – Team Category.

Team members included: Debbie Smith, Monica Raabe, Sarah Ball, Kathy Bell, Cyndy Brooks, Jainna Cabral, Allison Dunfield, Nelda Johnson, Bailee Krahn, Rick Menard, Laura Morton, Bill Nadurak, Sarah Reece, Dana Reuther, Terry Roulette, Gillian Rutley, Jonathan Siu, Karen Smith, James Stevenson, Haley Stodgell, Jenna Harms and Linda Worone.

Nominators: Norlyn Ritchie and Carolyn Eva

“This team is being acknowledged by their peers and is noteworthy as it recognizes the hard work and dedication of the KIK Picnic team’s efforts to provide a positive experience for foster families. Year after year this team achieves a goal of providing foster families with a safe, free event for children and families to enjoy. What an excellent way to let them know how much we appreciate what these families do.”