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Debbie Besant, CEO of the General Authority, and Dave McGregor, the now-retired CEO of CFS of Western, led a presentation on the implementation of the Safe & Together™ model in Manitoba during a RESOLVE team meeting in Toronto in May 2019 on domestic violence.

The meeting was led in part by Kendra Nixon, social work professor and director of the University of Manitoba’s RESOLVE (Research and Education for Solutions to Violence and Abuse), which is a prairie-based network of five offices collecting three decades of data on domestic violence, child abuse and elder abuse.

Titled In Search of Promising Approaches: Canadian Child Protection Responses to Cases of Intimate Partner Violence, the meeting of members from several provinces and the U.K. sought to review the RESOLVE project’s progress thus far and to gather information on other jurisdictions’ work, including a presentation by Marsha Scott, CEO of Scottish Women’s Aid.

Scott discussed the advances made in Scotland on the issue of domestic violence. She also spoke about embedded domestic violence legislation in that country, which includes the use of coercive control by the perpetrator (not just focusing on physical violence but also things like controlling a partner’s finances, access to vehicles, etc.).

Besant and McGregor discussed the implementation of the Safe & Together model in Manitoba, which involves partnering with the survivor of domestic violence to keep children safe, while holding the perpetrator accountable.

Part of the discussion included research conducted by CFS of Western in conjunction with Brandon University, which evaluated the impact of Safe & Together in that region.

RESOLVE’s research will help to guide gender-based violence policies in the future, and develop programs and policies and make changes to practice in the future.

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