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Laura Wilson was honoured at this year’s Wendy’s Wonderful Kids (WWK) Summit by being named one of three “Recruiters of the Year.”

The recently retired General Authority adoption recruiter was one of three chosen out of 424 WWK recruiters from the United States and 33 from Canada.

Says Wilson of the award: “As a recruiter, you know how hard the job is, and I think it’s lovely the foundation recognizes      people. Even if you are not recognized, somebody else’s work is very similar and you know that they get it.”

More than 500 adoption workers and supervisors attended the 14th annual summit in May. In an announcement, the organization said Wilson was recognized for her “life-changing service on behalf of children waiting in foster care.”

Wilson was honoured for work that began in 2014 with two brothers who had been in foster care for many years. To move the children toward a permanent family, she outreached to the paternal grandmother in New Brunswick and developed a     relationship with her. A visit with the boys was arranged, and together with their grandmother they began discovering their roots. In 2018, the children were adopted by their grandmother.

Jeanette Grennier, who supervised Wilson, said, “This is an amazing achievement but not at all surprising. I’ve seen first-hand the impact of her work on the lives of children who now have permanent families and connections. We were fortunate to have such a skilled, passionate and committed worker.”

The GA’s new full-time WWK recruiter is Cyndy Brooks. Given the success of the program and the GA’s commitment to finding adoptive families for children in permanent care, Andrea Dixon has also been hired to work with Brooks as a half-time recruiter.