A new program from the Children’s Aid Foundation, in partnership with Telus, called the TELUS Mobility for GoodTM program, provides a free phone for all youth leaving care for two years.

Press release from Telus:

Help connect youth leaving child welfare with free phones.
Discover the TELUS Mobility for Good TM program.

We are excited to give you more information about the program we have developed in partnership with TELUS, to help youth aging out of care: the TELUS Mobility for GoodTM program.

How does the program work?
It provides youth with access to a TELUS smartphone, plus a two-year plan that includes unlimited, Canada-wide talk and text, as well as 3GB of data per month. Applications are accepted from youth aged 26 and younger who have been in child welfare.

What are we hoping to achieve?
We designed the TELUS Mobility for Good program to help youth build credit, search for somewhere to live, look for education and job opportunities, and stay in touch with friends and vital support networks.

How can I help?
We’re so glad you asked! We will soon send your office some printed posters, which we hope you’ll display with similar resources at your agency – and share with relevant partners. We will also send you some flyers and postcards to distribute to any youth who might be eligible for the program.

In the meantime, feel free to view our digital poster to learn more, or visit our website. Or, to get in touch directly, please contact Elizabeth Mueller at 416.923.0924 ext. 262, or

Thank you for your help in making this important program a success.

Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada offers a variety of supports for youth in and from care across the country. Find out more information about our free online financial literacy course, supports for post-secondary education and employment, as well as youth ambassador opportunities here.