From the office of Manitoba’s Deputy Minister of Families –

March 17 to 23, 2019 is Social Work Week in Manitoba, in recognition of the important work that social workers do to enhance the well-being of our province’s children, youth, families and communities. The theme for this week, both nationally and here in Manitoba, is Real People, Real Impact. This is a strong message that says: social workers are ordinary but committed people, who strive to have an extraordinary impact on people and their communities.

Social workers play a crucial role in Manitoba and throughout the world by helping people develop the skills, abilities and resilience they need to lead healthy lives. They fill a wide range of supportive and leadership roles in our communities. They are often called upon to compassionately support individuals and families during extremely difficult and stressful times.

Whether they are helping people to care for their children, deal with health issues, find employment, resolve personal issues, or access social programs or benefits, social workers help others with some of the most difficult challenges that life can present. Social Work Week is a welcome opportunity to thank these caring and dedicated professionals for all that they do.

Please join me in thanking the social workers within our department and within our partner organizations for the vital work they do to support the well‑being of our citizens and communities.

Thank you!

Jay Rodgers
Deputy Minister
Department of Families