From the Deputy Minister of Families:

May 25th, 2018, marks the 32nd anniversary of Canada’s participation in International Missing Children’s Day. First proclaimed in Canada in 1986, International Missing Children’s Day serves as an annual reminder to all of us about the importance of our child protection work and our efforts to reunite missing children with their families.

A core responsibility of our department is our work to help keep children safe and supported within their families and communities. Missing Children’s Day offers us an opportunity to reflect on the important work we do in partnership with our service delivery partners, agencies and organizations.

As we recognize International Missing Children’s Day, please take some time to remember those children who are still missing and to thank the many front-line service workers, providers, community members and law enforcement officials who work tirelessly to find missing children and reunite them with their families.


Best regards,

Jay Rodgers

Deputy Minister

Department of Families