Youth Initiatives

Through its agencies and service regions, the General Authority offers and promotes initiatives that provide youth and young adults, currently or previously in the care of a Manitoba child and family services agency, opportunities to achieve goals and realize success in adulthood.

These include:
Access to tuition waiver programs and other financial resources for post-secondary study. For more information regarding tuition waivers, scholarships, and other resources available to support youth and young adults during and beyond their transition from CFS care, please visit the Resources page.
•Extensions of care and maintenance (for young adults 18-21 years old). Extensions of care are requests by young adults for support beyond the age of majority to realize goals as part of a successful transition to adulthood. By law, the General Authority is responsible for the review and approval of extensions of care and maintenance and continuations of care and maintenance for permanent wards who require support beyond the age of majority (age 18). A growing body of research suggests that maintaining agency support for youth beyond the age of majority and addressing key areas including education, housing, life skills and an ongoing support network yields better outcomes in adulthood.
The General Authority also supports Age of Majority Celebrations, offered by CFS agencies to youth in care. These celebrations are for all youth in care who turn 18 to mark this significant milestone in each young person’s life.

Gifts lined up for 18-year-olds at an Age of Majority celebration.

Voices, Manitoba's Youth in Care Network, also provides programming and services for youth in care including peer mentoring, outreach services, leadership programs, scholarships, and opportunities to have a voice in Manitoba’s CFS system.