Dispute Resolution

Child and Family Services authorities are responsible to hear concerns and appeals from foster parents regarding various aspects of fostering.

Dispute resolution

If you are a foster parent who has concerns, complaints, or disagreements with a Child and Family Services agency, you are encouraged to raise those concerns with the CFS worker. If you and your
CFS worker can’t sort it out, ask to speak to the CFS supervisor. It has been our experience that most matters are usually resolved at this point. However, if you, your CFS worker, and the supervisor can’t resolve the problem, and you are still not satisfied that the issue has been dealt with, you may contact the manager who oversees the supervisor involved. The final step within the agency structure would be to contact the agency director. If you have used all avenues within the agency structure, you may then contact the General Authority at generalauthority@gov.mb.ca or (204) 984-9360, or 1-866-803-2814.

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